November 17, 2008
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Looking for a Word

Umberto Eco writes of “The Open Work”. Here, “open” is used in the sense of “open-minded”, “open-ended”, or “an open and engaging personality”, rather than “open source,” “open box,” or “open season.”

I'd like another adjective — perhaps the Italian Eco used, or an alternative translation — for this sense of “open”, and also the corresponding noun.

Email me. Thanks.

Update: Many excellent suggestion. Thanks to all!

convivial ☙ coadunate ☙ commensal ☙ catholic ☙ broad-mineded ☙ embracing ☙ receptive ☙ ductile ☙ broad

In the end, I think I may opt for aperta and apertura as an alternative to “open” and “openness”.