November 9, 2009
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Last night for dinner I fried up some leftover patties of homemade duck sausage and served them on small round brioche bits that were bread pudding remnants. Tasty!

Speaking of sliders, Kottke and Gruber and all the cool kids are cheering on Neven Mrgan’s protest against all the different kinds of slider to be found in Photoshop.

I love Photoshop. It’s where I spend eight hours five times a week. I just wish that one of these days, instead of piling on more furniture, they’d clean up the place.

This is why we get beautiful, shiny, polished programs that do the same stuff you could do in 1994. They attempt nothing new, but they sure have lovely detailing. Sure, the proliferation of slider styles is mildly inconvenient and it’s a code smell. I bet fixing it would only cost $100K. Maybe $250K, worst case. It might be worth doing, if Adobe has the money and the talent.

But is this what we want most?

Notice how the iPhone has a ton of tower defense games with lovely graphics, and hardly one game that’s new? Notice how we’re still waiting for any real use of augmented reality? Or location-specific software art?

Why can't we have a better computer press?

(To be clear: Kottke and Gruber and Winer and ArsTechnica are miles and miles ahead of the trade press, and leave the newspaper reviewers in the dust. But, seriously: if you want a clean, well-lighted place, buy a café. Or a bookstore.)