November 9, 2010
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Allusion Patrol Marlowe

by Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton

In Cartographies of Time (p. 44), Grafton and Rosenberg write:

Some of the dynasties recorded in these [16th and 17th century] lists had existed before the date when the Bible set Creation, a fact which inspired both the playwright Christopher Marlowe and the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno to abandon biblical chronology altogether.
Allusion Patrol Marlowe

The question would remain live for at least a century more; efforts of a generation of French science – a great generation at that — definitively to pin Egyptian history to a date before the notional Flood are the subject of Josefowicz and Buchwald's wonderful Zodiac of Paris .

But what’s the Marlowe allusion? Clearly, it must be obvious: the adjacent footnote clarifies all sorts of things but doesn’t provide a source for this. Where is it? Faustus? Email me.