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Cartographies of Time

by Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton

In graduate school, I did laser chemistry. The lab was upstairs. The library was on the first floor in the back of the building, down a long corridor lined with organic chemistry labs – mostly R. B. Woodward’s group. I was a bit of a loner, and my experiment at one point had to be run at night, so I didn’t know a lot of these synthons very well.

I distinctly remember wondering, as I walked to the library, what would happen if someone published some really earth-shaking result outside our province of laser photochemistry. Would anyone think to tell me?

That’s how I feel today as I greet Grafton and Rosenberg’s new Cartographies of Time: a history of the timeline. .

This timeline appears in browsers that support the canvas element.

Was anybody planning on mentioning it? Or are you having too much fun, waiting for me to stumble across it by chance?

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