November 23, 2010
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It’s always a good idea to write stuff down. I don’t do this as much as I should, though Tinderbox helps.

About a month ago, we were chatting at Eastgate about social media marketing and the rush to Facebook and Twitter and the like. It’s an interesting phenomenon for people interested in hypertext, obviously, and it also has interesting implications for journalism and new media in general.

“How many followers do you have?” someone asked. I didn’t know. And I had no idea whether anything I was doing had any effect on followers. (Yes, political comments doubtless make some Republicans decide never to look my way again, but at some point one must live with that, and today’s anti-science Republican party is way over that line.)

So, I’ve been keeping track each morning in a little Tinderbox document. Open the document, add a note, type in the Follower number for that day, and I’m done. Miss a day? Not a big deal. It’s not rocket science.

I built a little dashboard, just for fun.