November 24, 2014

A Day At Wikipedia

A reminder of why I won't be missing Wikipedia.

AVONO: And this [225] could possibly constitute slander.


I wrote there that Christina Sommers is

A prominent right-wing supporter of

The Gamergate Conspiracy. I said

It there and on this page I here

Repeat those words and hurl defiance at

Your feet. And WTF?

AVONO: I would advise Markbernstein to immediately retract that statement.


That she is prominent is clear: she has

A wiki page, so she is notable.

That she’s right-wing may lack some nuance, but

You know, she is employed By AEI,

A famous think tank, right wing as they come.

Regarding her support of Gamergate,

I do agree the case is tenuous

And oft before I’ve urged she be removed

From Gamergate’s own page, but there my pleas

Have been rejected ’cause her photo shows

That some young woman somewhere does support

Some aspect of this sad and tawdry plot.

AVONO: Oh. I’m German: I thought “right-wing” meant “Fascist.” It must be a cultural thing. Never mind.



Meanwhile, some of the Gamergate folk have figured out who’s behind the nefarious Wikipedia account MarkBernstein, perhaps because it says so on my (former) Wikipedia home page, or perhaps by using the Google. Either way, my twitter feed and mailbox this morning will doubtless bring some special joys. As you see here, I haven’t been up to looking.