November 7, 2020

Digital Storytelling Research

Just wrapped up an outstanding virtual conference, this year’s Intl. Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling. Lots of interesting research and good ideas, though not nearly enough beer and wine.

I got to do the closing keynote — more on that presently. Mirjam Eladahari took notes.

Digital Storytelling Research

I suggested seven big issues for research, and want to get these down for reference:

  1. What Do We Want? Transcending the Victorian sentimental novel.
  2. Arguments With The Dead
  3. The Nature Of Stories
  4. Humor
  5. Art, Craft, Links, and Structural Edits
  6. Immersion and Abstraction
  7. Conversations With Non-Humans
We can do this now. It’s a few good dissertations. And, beset by resurgent fascism and the planetary storm, now is what we have. We don’t have time to wait for E.T., or even for A.I. If we’re ever going to argue with inhuman minds, we’d better do it now. I think we can.
We have big problems and small ambitions. I urge this community to raise its sights. These are all research projects that can be pursued now, without unimaginable technology or titanic resources. Yet these are things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.