November 1, 2001
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A game question

There's lots of interesting critical discussion of games these days. Good stuff from Walker, Klastrup, Frasca, and lots more.

I should remind everyone: I do like computer games.

Let me try a probe, just to make a little tsimmes. Take the last twenty years of computer games -- the whole kit and kaboodle. Put them on a shelf. (Yeah, it's a big shelf) Now look over the shelf, and tell me everything we learn about, say, sexuality. (House rules: no arguments from silence, no metaphors, cigars are just cigars unless it's apparent to players who aren't Professors that they aren't. Chatroom romances don't count; I'm looking for what's in the game, not what the audience brings to the table, and yes, I see the theoretical shortcomings of the previous clause. You understand what I'm getting at. Play along at home; it's that kind of movie )

I think I could construct an answer, but it's not a good answer. And I think I could find an excuse, but it's not a good excuse. Do you have a better one? What've I missed? (Email me even though I'm on the road this week.)