November 3, 2001
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Next Move?

Torill provides the first really good answer the the game challenge, proposing Adeline Software's Twinsen, "in which we are fighting the evil tyrant Dr Funfrock... In the end of LBA I the mother-figure rises and envelops Twinsen in her love when he has conquered the evil tyrannic father-figure..." This isn't quite what we were talking about -- it sounds closer to power fantasy than to discovery. But no quibbles, and drawing attention to specific good work is good.

Gonzalo Frasca sends word of Rune Klevjer's promising work on Computer Game Aesthetics (RTF). "A computer game is only a game. If nobody cares about the dubious ideology of chess or Monopoly, why should we care about the ideology of a Rambo-like and gory-realistic shooter game as Soldier of Fortune (2000)?" Frasca's own Ephemeral Games: is it barbaric to design videogames after Auschwitz? (PDF) is an interesting response.