November 12, 2001
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jill/txt now Made With Ceres

Now Made with Ceres: Jill Walker's ever-fascinating jill/txt. The latest entries include some intriguing notes about writing with Ceres.

Ceres can do a lot of cool stuff. It can be a bit overwhelminglearn it all though. Using it for note-taking is a breeze, pure fun - it's a great tool for writing and thinking. It's also really good for publishing some of those notes, in a blog, for instance, but it takes a little work to set it up. tried to set up Ceres to publish my blog from scratch, using the manual, but it just became something I dreaded working on. Last night I instead just cut and pasted my notes into a template provided with Ceres that was sort of close to what I wanted, and hey presto I was up and publishing within the hour.