October 4, 2003


"200" align="right"> On Sunday, we walked to a little market in Montparnasse where artists come every week to offer their work. These are, by and large, modest works, but they aren't schlock -- and even the work that borders on tourist kitsch is nicely executed. Shown here is Hannah, from whom we bought a charming little bronze.

One thing that's clearly broken about the art world today is that there's just no good way to buy, or to sell, small works that don't aspire to be the centerpiece of a museum or the foundation of a corporate collection. A simple, abstract landscape by Mdm. Joyce, who is now infatuated with bamboo and whose son might soon go to MIT, cost us €50 and will cheer up our back room for years. We can do that. It's good for art to be seen. So, it's nice all around.