Monday, October 27, 2003
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New Hampshire

Joshua Micah Marshall asked his weblog readers for contributions to support a reporting trip to the New Hampshire primaries. Within a day, readers had sent more contributions to the project than he could budget. (He's going to send back the extra money)

This is extremely interesting. First, it's a sign that Seymour Hersh might be right in predicting that this election is "going to be the most interesting political year since Hoover vs. Roosevelt."

Second, it's an interesting insight into the developing Web economy. People are notoriously reluctant to subscribe to Web magazines, but here they're rushing to pay for content. Why? Perhaps because they're part of the content creation end, not merely consumers. If you contribute, you help ensure this talented writer will be covering the primary. Interesting...

New Hampshire
Nine months ago in the snows of New Hampshire...