October 22, 2005

Joel on Web 2.0

In the old days (early this year), I think "Web 2.0" meant something -- something its proponents liked about a new family of responsive, simple web applications but couldn't quite express. Soon, though, is became vaporous. From Joel On Software's latest rant on architectural astronautics:

The term Web 2.0 particularly bugs me. It's not a real concept, It has no meaning. It's a big, vague, nebulous could of pure architectural nothingness.

Why do the memes and terms of our industry so quickly become abused? The corners of "Web 2.0" had been knocked off and the sides scratched and dented before we got the box unwrapped!

One reason is that the trade press stinks. The magazines are ignorant trend-followers, often relying on lazy reporters who favor their safe, pet sources who fill chairs at big companies. These sources, in turn, often hold onto their promotions mostly because they get their name in the trades; if A. B. Clump is cited for his opinions of Apple's strategy and the promise of Web 2.0, then he really must be an expert!