October 19, 2005


Lost in the President's assurances that his Superme Court nominee is a good, churchgoing, religious woman and his critic's fears that she might not vote appropriately on punishing pregnancy is a simple question: can anyone believe that Harriet Miers is the American best suited for this job? Is this the most eminent, intelligent, and just-minded man or woman in all the nation?

I've long thought that it was the secret wish of the Republican radicals to fill government with non-entities and incompetents, hoping that eventually people would rise up and overthrow the idiots to install the charismatic monarch they would prefer.

Who should be nominated? An older person, I think -- someone who has a long and distinguished record, someone worth our trust. A person who has known responsibility, and who has lived in public for long enough that they command our respect and our trust. A conservative, perhaps, so we need not fear that they will overthrow the rule of law. Perhaps a conservative Democrat, so all can see that the choice was based on merit, not interest.

Instead, we have this foolish, romantic indulgence of choosing people with little or no record of accomplishment but lots of powerful friends. Shame.