October 31, 2005


As all who know me well will eagerly attest, my customary disposition is bright and sunny at all times, and never more so than when deadlines loom and the world is filled with tricksy bugs and tedious errands, when bills are plentiful and an abundance of forms wait to be filled out.

What I really want to find some time to do, I think, is to fire up City of Heroes, put on the headphones, and crank up the volume on something long and more than somewhat angry. The B-minor Mass, I think, would do just fine to accompany the violent arrest of an extraordinary number of minor miscreants. (If the Vatican hadn't toyed with the idiotic anti-Kerry communion campaign, we might all have been spared Scooter's treason and compulsory Intelligent Design lessons. The extra anger from this reflectiion might be worth a few extra hit point.s) The mordant angst of the Kyrie, at superhuman volume, should go well with the supernatural post-apocalyptic sunsets of the ruins of Paragon City.

OK, it's a little Clockwork Orange, but when you're blue, maybe it's time to see red. I wonder: is it common to craft your own sound track?