October 19, 2005

The cheddar goes in the squash soup

Friday's little dinner went nicely, I thought, with a combination of experiments for the Fall and a reprise of some of summer's biggest hits.

The soup recipe (Boston Globe) called for six cups of chicken stock. My stock supply is terribly low, and it being a Friday (and my schedule being already deep in the weeds at breakfast) there was no time for proper stock. So I grabbed a couple of boxes of low-salt, free-range chicken stock from the store, hacked up some spare drumsticks I had in the freezer, and roasted the bones with some carrots and celery. On the range, I aggressively browned the meat and carmelized the onion. Everything went into the pot for about 90 minutes of simmering. Skim, strain, hope for the best.

Prepping the leftover soup, Linda garnished it with parsley and with some crumbled cheddar I'd forgotten to serve on Friday. Very nice.