October 31, 2005

Tinderbox Weekend

We're having lots of fun, polishing and planning for Tinderbox Weekend!

In Seattle, we're going to be at the Watertown, right by the University. Free high-speed internet, free loaner bicycles, the whole Seattle experience.

In San Francisco, we're back at the Rex. Great location, great lobby, unusually well-informed concierges.

Tinderbox Weekend

It's going to be great.

Trying to decide which to attend? They'll be different. In Seattle, we'll be spending more time on advanced topics. Ryan Holcomb will look at getting things done with Tinderbox. We'll explore all the new stuff in agents and rules. And we'll talk a good deal about sharing notes through weblogs and news sites. In San Francisco, we have more time and so we'll have better coverage for beginners, including Elin Sjursen's patented running start. Lots of talks about applications -- in research, in tech writing, in management, in health care. More soon.!