October 22, 2006

Better Than Fish Wrap

Most weblog archives are fish wrap -- rarely consulted, save for the odd Google query. That's bad.

As an experiment, in recent months I've added a few links to old posts at the bottom of most new posts. The links are mostly suggested by the Tinderbox Link Apprentice, so this only takes me a couple of seconds to add. I call these Fagerjordian because Anders Fagerjord made the argument for them in the first place.

Do links matter?

It appears that they do. Looking at some posts on my weblog from about 18 months back, I find that typical notes got about 30 readers/month. Having a Fagerjordian link boosts traffic about 20 readers/month per link. They're effective even if they're not in the current month, though recent links have more oomph than old ones.

At a rock-bottom five cents per click, that's earning a buck a month for each link.

Instead of gimmicks and pay-per-post and cajoling search engines, simply linking your archives to your new writing, and linking your archives together, can have real impact on your readership,