October 4, 2006


The food writer really liked Pier, which is in Sydney's Rose Bay. It seemed like a good idea. But I got turned around en route, and wandered into Catalina instead. I only found Pier while I was waiting for the boat home.

It's sometimes good to be flexible about travel mistakes. Catalina has a terrific view of Rose Bay -- which used to be the old seaplane terminus which linked Sydney to Southampton, direct service with 30-odd stops over nine days. The view is beautiful. It doesn't need to have good food.

It's a great space, clean and crisp. The Sidneysiders at Catalina were clean and crisp as well. Some were lunching in little black dresses and heals. Some were wearing t shirts and shorts — and still managing to exude a certain elegance. How do they do that? There were two parties that must have been baby showers, and they were having a hell of a good time. In Sidney, you can be an expectant mother with a champagne flute in one hand.