October 6, 2006

OZ-IA aftermath

Patrick Kennedy reviews last weekend's OZ-IA )

"My highlights were Ash and his discussion of user research (I still don’t know what animal I am yet, but I’m working on it), Donna and her talk on categorisation, Alex and his obsession with topic maps (by virtue of his sheer entertainment value) and James’ discussion of IA in the enterprise (yes he is my boss, but it was still a great session). Mark Berstein’s presentation on False Intentions and the Fallacy of Finding was a great opener and made us all think (no doubt harder than we expected to have to!).":

I have to agree that Alex Johannesen's enthusiasm for topic maps is infectious; it's always fun to hear someone who can enthuse about a knowledge representation format and about Monteverdi at the same time.

Also: Ruth Ellison.