October 15, 2006

Winners and Losers

Via Adaptive Path, a contentious but intriguing discussion of Web 2.0 winners and losers.

Speaking of losers, some outfit named Cyberhand has been spamming me with hundreds of very important emails. I know that these are important because each arrives with a subject line with a different synonym of "important", though all are simply trying to pump their stock price. Cyberhand does have a Web site, but it lists a phone number that reaches a benighted Las Vegas housing agency. A little googling suggests that, while the Web site says they're in Las Vegas, they're actually in Calgary (though their corporate information officer's phone is in Vancouver). I wonder if they even know this is happening; I suppose you could pump and dump some one else's stock as well as your own...

In fact, my network access has been odd all day. Some sites are fine, but many seem to be inaccessible. Email seems OK. DNS seems fine. Oy.