October 10, 2007
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I made last night's crab cakes with lots of ginger — about 2T of fresh, minced ginger for about 6 oz of crabmeat. This seemed a mistake: I'd started a recipe scaled for 24oz of crabmeat and noticed the discrepancy too late.

But, surprisingly, the ginger wasn't overpowering; it was prominent, but it worked very nicely with the sweetness of the crab and the richness of mayonnaise and egg white. Next time, I might try this in ramekins instead of fussing with the fragile cakes. The white Graves went fairly well, though this might have been a good occasion, in retrospect, for a California chardonnay.

The baked apples for dessert were nice too, though the two Cox's Orange Pippins I baked fell apart before the Honeycrisps were done. They're destined for baked apple sorbet tonight.