October 4, 2007

Hinman on Data Analysis

Adaptive Path's Rachel Hinman offers a nice introduction to data analysis for user experience — the tasks involved in taking a mountain of videotapes, transcripts, focus group observations, telephone interviews, and whatnot and distilling this into meaningful insight.

Hinman on Data Analysis

Hinman uses Post-It notes.

Her descriptions and diagrams map beautifully onto Tinderbox, though — and while you lose the tactility of playing with lots of little slips of paper, you gain a lot as well:

It would be fun to walk through the entire process in Tinderbox, perhaps using some imaginary or sanitized data, or some data available to the public. I'd like to see someone take a shot at doing this. Interested? Let's talk!

^ do(indent,"Tom Webster from Edison Research will be at Tinderbox Weekend San Francisco, Dec 1-2, to discuss Necessary Tangents: An Organic Inquiry into Consumer Behavior with Tinderbox.")