October 27, 2008
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A Query About Stretchtext

Refresh my memory: who has written successful stretchtext fiction? Not a rhetorical question. Please Email me. Don't be shy.

Update: Polle Zellweger, Paula Newmann and Anne Mangen describe a stretchtext fiction in Hypertext 2002. (pdf: for some reason, ACM DL doesn't accept my SIGWEB membership so something might be fouled up at the server) Does anyone know whether Fluid Reader can still be found somewhere?

Tor Skjøskift made a stretchtext version of a Sherlock Holmes short story in both sound and video. It received an award from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. (In Norwegian).

This strikes me as surprisingly thin; surely there's more? Email me. Thanks to J. Nathan Mattias and Anders Fagerjord.