October 11, 2008
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Dorm Food

Eric Ripert (Le Bernadin) is doing a blog-series of video demos. The twist: everything has to be done in a toaster oven.

This is cool dorm food, and it's good. Last night I made the mustard-crusted salmon filet; I used haddock (which looked better at the market), though I did use my broiler. I've also done the mission figs wrapped in bacon, and roasted bananas with rosemary, and yes, for these I did use the toaster oven (which I basically use for toast, period). And they were good.

I mean, can’t you see going back to the dorm, opening the frig, and throwing together some quail eggs and smoked salmon on brioche toasts? Sure gives a different slant on ordering a pizza or a cheesesteak.

Thing is, dorms are the perfect place to go for quail eggs and smoked salmon. Especially if you're on meal plan; after stuffed ziti and salad bar, change is nice. It's impressive. It’s cheap (because you aren't doing this every day) and forgiving (because who knows what it's supposed to look like?) and it's good for sharing.

We’re probably going to have to tighten some belts all over the world, but there's always a place for whipping together some elegant little canapés for a light night snack with friends.