October 29, 2008
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Ebert’s Rules

Roger Ebert blogs Roger’s little rule book, a brilliant list of rules for critics.

  1. Advise the readers well
  2. Provide a sense of the experience
  3. Keep track of your praise
  4. Do the math
  5. Respect the reader’s time
  6. Do not make challenges you cannot back up
  7. Respect the reader’s money
  8. Beware of verbal parallelism
  9. Trailers: have nothing to do with them
  10. Be wary of freebies
  11. Accept no favors
  12. No commercial endorsements
  13. Be prudent with free DVDs
  14. No advertisements
  15. Be prepared to give a negative review
  16. No posing for photos
  17. Sit down, shut up, and pay attention

Read the whole thing.

The final rule would make a fine tag line for the weblog.