October 14, 2009
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Keillor on the Nobel

Garrison Keillor applauds Obama’s Nobel. I generally avoid linking to NY Times op-eds, which you know about already if you’re inclined to read that sort of thing, but this is exceptionally nice writing.

He admits that winning the prize might have drawbacks:

Oslo is rather dark and murky in December. The sun rises during the first coffee break and sets right after lunch and this does not make for a festive mood.

Still, the suggestion that Obama decline the prize is outlandish.

Some conservative pundit suggested that the president should’ve declined the prize, but it is not gracious to reject a compliment, one should accept it with becoming modesty, as Mr. Obama did, that’s what your mother brought you up to do. The prize isn’t about you, it’s about Peace, or Literature, or Homecoming, or Champion Hog, or Male Vocalist of the Year, so walk up there and smile for the cameras, say thank you and sit down.