October 16, 2009
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Romero File

Over on the Tinderbox site, I've started a tutorial series on Tinderbox Maps called The Romero File.

It’s an episodic tutorial in the form of a legal drama about two star-crossed lovers, two accidents, some pills, and a weblog.

It’s going to cover lots of depth about Tinderbox maps, from capturing quick sketches of a fact pictures to exploring complex representational issues. Indeed, each episode comes with a short afterward with pointers to the research literature.

The immediate topic is Tinderbox and the Law, which is also a big theme for Tinderbox Weekend. But if you're interested in any sort of research, fact-gathering, or analysis, I think you’ll find this interesting. (Have a different approach? Play along at home! Take the same facts, add your own ideas, show us your own maps.)

Romero File