October 20, 2010
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Cult of Mac on Twig

Giles Turnbull reviews Twig for Cult of Mac.

Twig is centered around a window called the Noter, and in use it reminds me a little of everyone’s favorite lightweight text notes tool, Notational Velocity. As you type into the note title box, Twig searches for matching notes and displays them. If if doesn’t find any, it creates a new one. That’s very NV-like.

From there, Twig veers in the direction of its older sibling, Tinderbox. Notes can be re-arranged in a variety of views (chart, map, outline), and linked together. You can create prototype notes that hand on certain attributes to their children. Twig includes other Tinderbox features like agents (a bit like programmable searches), adornments, and search. Twig will open Tinderbox files, and vice versa.