October 27, 2010
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Tinderbox 5.7

Tinderbox 5.7

Tinderbox 5.7.0 is now available.

The biggest news for many Tinderbox users will be a major speed boost when using large and complex outlines. But there’s a lot more to talk about! (What’s NewDownloadOrder)

First, Tinderbox Timelines make the leap to the Web. A new button in Timeline View generates HTML snippets that you can paste into blogs and Web pages, much as people do with YouTube videos. The mechanism is fast and easy, there are no additional files to edit and upload, and you have lots of options for controlling how the timelines look.

Sharable timelines provide new power for journalism, scholarship, and study. Timelines are also a terrific planning tool for allocating resources or scheduling milestones. Now that timelines can move so easily to the Web, you can update your plans and share the results in seconds — even with people using iPads, phones, and Windows machines.

All this is made possible by a new JavaScript Timeline Library that you can use in your Web pages.

In addition, Tinderbox agents and actions have been extended, making things significantly simpler and cleaner. For example, you can now manipulate dates more simply:

if($DueDate.year>2012) { ... }

Tinderbox has buckets of new functions for managing colors, dates, and strings to give you lots more flexibility while making your actions simpler and more direct.

Upgrades are free if you bought Tinderbox in the past year. Upgrade from any previous version for $98. We’ll have more news shortly.