October 3, 2013

Time And Again

When you encounter problems in your software, you should tell the developers. That’s how we learn about errors and how we clarify misunderstandings.

But, when you tell us, go ahead and provide details. Lately, I’ve been wasting an enormous amount of time like this.

User: “_____ isn’t working right.”
Me: “What, exactly, are you doing. And what do you expect to see.”
User (several days later): I’m copying stuff from Tinderbox and then pasting.
Me: “Where are you pasting?”
User: Word
Me (aside): What version of Word? (to user) I copied the following passage from a Tinderbox text window to Microsoft Word 2011. It looks right to me.
User: I meant, I was dragging from Tinderbox.

Folks: we really treasure problem reports. But at this point in the release cycle, we’re scrounging time wherever it can be found: going short on sleep, implementing tricky new features with a sandwich in one hand, refactoring in the small hours of the night. So, keep writing, but please try to include enough information!