October 13, 2013

Tinderbox Agents

More Tinderbox basics from The Creative Cardigan.

I have now been using Tinderbox for a little less than two months. It is already pretty deeply implicated into my daily workflow and what surprises, and delights, me – and this is not the first time I’ve said this – is how a very simple action can have such interesting consequences.

E. P. James collects thirty years of papers, essays, and lectures in a Tinderbox document he calls The Chaos, and crafts some simple agents.

Some of the results were predictably inconclusive or boring. But some were simply revelatory: maybe my 26 year old self was more insightful than I give him credit for (he was entirely uneducated, except for his reading habits) or maybe – more likely – I’ve just not changed and developed during my academic decades quite as much as I’d like to think; but whichever it is, some names and themes have stayed the course and have featured in the most surprising contexts.