October 17, 2001
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Books Books Books

Here's a snapshot at part of the pile of books next to my bed: the books I'm planning to read right away. The picture is a week or two old; the pile's bigger now.

I have two more of these piles of books at home, and another pile at work. And there are lots of books I've been planning to read, wanting to read, that I've promised to read, that aren't even on the stack. I've got weeks and weeks of hypertexts, too. Some of these (like the Simon Schama) have been simmering for months. Others (Tournament of Shadows) joined the pile because of The Current Situation. It's a big, big pile. And it ought to be bigger.

How does anyone keep up with this? I know, I know: it's a sophomoric question. But it's a real problem for me, and I'm always falling farther behind. Triage seems out of the question; what now? (Amazon lets you call up a list of everything you've purchased, ever: my list makes interesting reading....)