Today, I'm a guest at an online chat event hosted by ELO.

The advance publicity for this chat seemed chiefly concerned with asking whether weblogs are a fad. Weblogs are simply a natural outgrowth of the old home page. David Siegel's popular Killer Web Sites book, way back in 1996, popularized the notion that frequent updates were important and that it made no sense to waste all your most-visible screen space on corporate logos or pictures of your cat.

Everyone needs a net presence.

Everything we hear from ELO lately seems to be about preservation and box office. But who care about permanence anyway? Make something that matters, and preservation will take care of itself.

Let's write the best stuff we can. Let's build great tools ([1] [2] [3][4][5][6]), and think about them, so we can things better, and make better things. Then let's make them. And let's enjoy them. Let's have fun.