Anja Rau makes two interesting observations about rhythm in electronic writing.

First, she's trying a weekly column in place of irregular postings. She found Blogger inhospitable, and finds daily postings in Tinderbox uncomfortable. (Why? Let me know and I'll fix it!)

Next, she finds an intriguing note from Douglas Hofstader on the problem of the end of the book: you know from the physical artifact that the book is about to end, and so you also know things about the plot that you shouldn't. This can foul up suspense and morality; it's a chronic plotting problem. Hypertexts don't suffer from this malady because you don't know when they end -- until afterwards when, looking back, you realize when it was over.

Then, taking a clue from Hofstader's fascination with strange loops and reflexive reasoning, she explores a site called "That's Me!" (, which targets young, dynamic. wired women.