Thursday, September 18, 2003
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Way Too Much Time

I wasn't surprised when Kathryn alluded to a fannish controversy some 40 years old -- after all, she's an expert, and that's what experts are for. But a little link following led me to the outline of a projected book, by Richard Lynch, on Fan History Of The 1960's. Want to know what happened when Asimov, del Rey, Harlan Ellison, Fred Pohl, and company unwisely tried the hotel restaurant at the 1967 WorldCon?

Lynch covers the history of fan conventions in incredible detail. It's amazing what people remember. This could be a great resource for any ongoing conference -- years and years of conference crises, disasters, logistics, politics, and infighting, laid bare for all to see. And, because it's 40 years on, you know how things turned out.