Friday, September 24, 2004


I'm making the transition from Prosperity, the TinderBook, to a new 12" Powerbook.

I ordered the new laptop earlier this year when Prosperity's hard disk failed, but I've been procrastinating over making the move. But Tinderbox Weekend is coming up in a week's time, and two transcontinental trips in four days is a very good reason to start using the smaller and lighter new laptop.

Incidentally, for the last month I've had four systems side-by-side on my desk: the two Macintosh laptops, the Windows laptop, and my desktop G5. I'm a firm believer in lots of screens and lots of CPUs, but four is too many; I can't keep four machines occupied productively.

Tinderbox 2.3 has lots of new code for dealing with files -- work that was motivated by Tinderbox for Windows but that also makes it much easier to move Tinderbox documents to a new machine. Still, there might be some breakage here -- especially as I'm using a radically experimental Tinderbox build right now. If you notice a problem, let me know.