September 15, 2004


This morning, I spent a couple of hours putting together a simple Tinderbox template for a Personal Information Page, or Pip.

Not everyone needs a weblog, but almost everyone needs some web presence. Suppose your second cousin Bess wants to invite you to her daughter's wedding: she needs a way to find you. Suppose you meet someone at a party, and six months later they have a question for you -- if only they knew how to get in touch. The PIP is a weblog for people who don't want a weblog, a home page for people who don't live on the Web.

Tinderbox can work nicely in this role. We can use agents to extract key elements from a larger, private ToDo list. Or, we can simply drag things into the Pip as we need them. Tinderbox takes care of organizing and formatting. Most importantly, it's easy to add things -- and Tinderbox can automatically sort the lists that ought to be sorted

Here's a rough cut at an example, and here's a little more information about the Pip, presented as a Pip(!).


If you're a Tinderbox user and would like to suggest improvements or work on the design of the PIP template, email me.