September 30, 2005
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Blog comics

BitterGreens is a blog comic -- a journal-style weblog that happens to appear in the form of three-pane comics. It's written by Lulu LaMer, who also writes for 101Cookbooks.

I find the writing itself holds its own. Here, for example, is September 25:

I spent the first part of the day getting Hella laid. 'Are those your shoes?'

'They're not yours?'

Then we walked over to Webzine. I was all spaced out. 'I'm gonna talk to Justin, he has a short attention span too.'

Then I went home and made some soup and hummus. Black sesame seeds make it look like mud.

This isn't easy narrative, but it's evocative. Here's the comic (click for full size)

Blog comics

The drawing is not, I think, nearly as primitive as it looks at first glance. But you can do this, too, even if you think you can't draw. Here's the story, told with 75 cents work of stock photography:

Blog comics

But we can do roughly the same thing with a symbol font -- even a bad, ubiquitous symbol font like Webdings.

Blog comics

It's not so much the drawing that's carrying this as the writing -- and the resonance that the writing picks up from whatever imagery is close at hand.