September 29, 2005
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The new issue of Cook's arrived on Tuesday, and so (like thousands of households all over the world) I spent Wednesday evening trying out some of the new results.

An article in Cook's is a 'result' rather than just a recipe, because Cook's is always about comparing ideas and approaches. Should we cook the vegetables longer, or hotter? Should we use canned tomatoes or fresh?

Roasted green beans came out very well. It's ridiculously easy: toss the green beans with a little oil, salt them, toss them into a 450° oven on a foil-covered baking sheet. Timely idea, because Linda found some champion beans at the farmers' market.

Hunter's chicken is a dish I've been trying for ages, with mixed success. Cook's came up with a few interesting axes:

Mistake: the 3T of brandy evaporated in my very hot pan, before I could ignite it. I don't know whether it contributed anything to the dish, or not. The Cook's writer tested the flambee step, assuming it was froth, and assures us that it matters.