September 22, 2005
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Here's Degas: a fresh, experimental Tinderbox color scheme. It uses colors sampled from Woman Combing Her Hair (1886, Hermitage).

It's an interesting exercise. The Degas pastel reads as bright and colorful, with rich golds, pale skin, a cool blue-white bath towel. But the sampled colors are not particularly saturated and aren't bright at all. It's not an artifact and it's not sampling bias; it's the way large blocks of colors appear more brilliant and lighter than small swatches. You know this, I know this, we all learn this in school and we learn it again whenever we paint the kitchen. But it's an illustration.

I ran up this color scheme for two reasons. I need to take notes this weekend at WebZine in a Tinderbox that I can instantly distinguish from my web log, from the Tinderbox planning documents, and from various other projects. Plus, for some time I've been wondering about color schemes that would work against backgrounds that aren't off-white.

We'll see how it goes.