September 13, 2005
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Local Baptists: "They Deserved Katrina"

You've got to hand it to the crazies and wingnuts -- they're so filled with glee at owning the government that they feel free to indulge their worst appetites.

Now on view at the Baptist church in Medford, there's a charming sign that blames all those nasty sinners in New Orleans for calling down God's Judgment on their heads. Now, this might play in Peoria, but surely it can't happen here? Oy.

You know, someday soon we're gonna sit around and laugh about this, and everybody will be saying "I knew better." Just like McCarthyism. Just like slavery. Just like the American Revolution.

Update: A correspondent rightly points out that there are lots of different kinds of Baptist, and not all Baptist churches and organizations are blaming the victims. The church in question is the New England Baptist Church at 30 Salem Street, Medford.