September 6, 2005
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Responses to What Ended

Thanks to all who sent supportive email about What Ended. It does help.

Special appreciation to blog responses by Prof. Matt Kirschenbaum (Maryland) and Prof. Lynsey Gedye (New Zealand).

I’m confident that the USA Government’s continuing vileness towards New Zealand is insignificant compared to the vileness and despicable lack of respect they’ve shown towards their own people.

Meanwhile, NPR reports that nobody seems to have kept track of where all the hospital and nursing home patients were sent, and the master list is now being compiled by the guy who fixes computers for a local government agency. The Times Picayune says there's no plan for collecting and identifying the dead.

The National Archives sent a team of experts to salvage the city's historical records. The archivists were turned away at a checkpoint. They're apparently still waiting.

WWL reports that the First Lady commented on the radio last night that "many of the people at the Astrodome were 'underprivileged anyway.'"