September 10, 2006
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Approach of Fall

In New England, Spring produce comes late and harvest time really doesn't get going until Fall. The farm stand was really hopping this weekend. There's still fresh local corn and some lovely little summer squash, but we also have heirloom tomatoes, lots of green tomatoes, early pumpkins, nectarines, and apples.

Yesterday, I improvised a corn chowder with some wild boar bacon, a couple of big ears of fresh corn, the corncobs (roasted and carmelized with some carrots), some carmelized onions, and a few duck bones I grabbed from the freezer and roasted off.

It went nice last night with a bit of duck confit and a bottle of Basa Rueda. I have hopes for even better things tonight, though, when it'll be the prelude to a hot-roasted chicken with fried green tomatoes .