September 20, 2006
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Tinderbox Weekend Boston

What shall we explore at Tinderbox Weekend Boston? It's next month: 28-29 October 2006.

We'll want to spend some time, of course, on concepts and mechanics and The Tinderbox Way. And we'll doubtless want to take a look at new features from Tinderbox 3.5 (already out), Tinderbox 3.6 (soon), and perhaps some from Tinderbox 4.

But I'd like to spend a lot more time exploring tools and techniques for Tinderbox in practice -- actual tasks and actual notes. What's easy (so we can share the path of least resistance) and what's more difficult (so we can work together to make it as simple as we can).

For example, Kathryn Cramer plans to be there with the latest version of her investigative reporting notebook, “Distilled Essence”. And Alwin Hawkins, too, with his great ideas for Tinderbox in health care.

How about you? Got an idea or an application? Have an interesting puzzle? Email me.! (If you don't receive a reply, email again: I'm on the road, and I don't trust my spam filter.)