September 26, 2008
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Guardian Flap

Andrew Gallix, trolling in the Guardian Online, suggests that “e-lit is already dead”. As it’s pretty clear he never much liked it anyway — his favorites seem to be Grammatron and 253.

Hypertexts seldom improve on gamebooks like the famous Choose Your Own Adventure series, let alone BS Johnson's infamous novel-in-a-box. Besides, if you really want to add sound and pictures to words, why not make a film?

So far, the brave new world of digital literature has been largely anti-climatic [sic].

This is absurd; none of the important hypertext fictions are anything like Choose Your Own Adventure. afternoon, for example, is about as close to Zork as Yossarian is to Pooh.

From the author’s page at the Guardian:

Andrew Gallix is editor-in-chief of 3:AM Magazine where he created the very first literary blog. He writes fiction, criticism, edits books and teaches at the Sorbonne.