September 24, 2008
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Task Timer

But She's A Girl reports on using Tinderbox to keep track of the way she spends her time. Lots of nice tips and tricks — including some very shiny desktop dashboard displays that use Tinderbox's brand-new plot, bargraph, and tabular display capabilities.

Since I don’t have to collect precise hours for invoicing or anything like that, the absolute values are not particularly important. I only time tasks when I’m properly focussed, not when I’m being interrupted by calls, conversations with colleagues and so on, so it’s quite a good relative measure of how much solid, productive work I’m able to accomplish. It has been really interesting to track it from day to day. I’m actually using it as a sort of game to motivate myself to devote uninterrupted time to important tasks, just so that I can watch the bars climb for each day!

See also Kevin Kelley's hot new blog, The Quantified Self.