September 6, 2009
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Jørgen Jørgenson wanted to make a nice little Saturday dinner with his wife. And what says dinner more than beef?

And, he figures, if you’re going to have steaks, why not wagyu beef?

And, since wagyu beef needs a sauce, why not make a stock with 4 or 5 lbs of beef bones, and reduce the whole batch with some onions, carrots, celery, and port wine, from a gallon or two to a cup 20ml — a tablespoon or two. Served with a 1997 Margaux.

Oops. Chemists don’t use deciliters and I slipped a decimal point. How embarrassing, though it does give me a chance to test Tinderbox new strikeout markup.

That's more ambitious than I’m feeling this weekend. So I’m keeping it simple: barabcoa made from sirloin plate, grilled sweet corn from Northampton, a little romaine salad from Linda, some fresh bread, a small chocolate cake from Meryl, and some lemon sables for lilly-gilding.