September 7, 2012

Sports Radio

That sure was a speech Bill Clinton have last night. Former speechwriter James Fallows talks about the inside game. A nice point:

Clinton reminds us of the value (and rarity) of this tone in politics -- and the next time you listen to a sports-talk channel, think how much better our political discussion would be if participants assumed as much sophistication about argument as ESPN and radio-talk hosts do. 


Meanwhile, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has completely lost his temper with the media, his team, and just about everybody. His former closer, Alfredo Aceves, has obviously been at loggerheads with his boss, including a 3-day suspension for slamming the office door, but you could make an argument that his manager is now trying to get him hurt. Valentine, contractually obligated to do a weekly radio interview yesterday, went ballistic when asked if he had “checked out.” Worst of all, it sounds like he later made fun of an aged and beloved reporter in the pre-game press meeting, a press-conference fixture whom everyone loves and who now suffers from a speech impediment.