September 20, 2013

Attribute Browser

Attribute Browser

Here’s an early view of a new Tinderbox Six view, the Attribute Browser.

Tinderbox agents are great for finding notes of particular interest, notes that fit into simple or complicated categories you want to follow. But sometimes you want an overview — a list of all the categories along some axis. That’s what the Attribute Browser is for.

The attribute browser profiles a specific container and explores a specific attribute. It shows each value that occurs within the container, and for each value it shows which notes share that value. So here we’ve got all the cities represented in a list of interesting places to eat. If we add a new restaurant in Bangkok, then Bangkok will automatically be added to the list.

It’s a powerful and intriguing feature. It’s likely to change a good deal before release, and we expect people to find lots of unexpected ways to use it.